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Obtaining the Source

As a viewer of the project, you can either download the entire project or view the project files and selectively download what you are interested in. The page:
gives detailed instructions for anonymous ftp of the project files.

As a developer, to access them you must first make sure that the environment variable CVS_RSH is set to ssh. You can do this with the command:

shell> export CVS_RSH=ssh
or by adding export CVS_RSH=ssh to your shell configuration file and reloading the shell. If you use the latter method you will, of course, only have to modify the file one time and never have to worry about this step again.

With the CVS_RSH environment variable set, the datamodel project can then be downloaded using the command:

shell> cvs -z3\
> /cvsroot/datamodel co datamodel
where username is your username.

Frank Starmer 2004-05-19