To Oostende for a Weekend Birthday Party

Luc Hondeghem and I have worked together for years - and when he invited me for a work trip and at the same time it was Karolyn's birthday, how could I refuse. But it was not easy - the United flight to Washington was cancelled so I played musical airports - first to Charlotte then to Baltimore, then to London, then to Brussels, then by train to Midi rail station, then to Oostende. But it was worth the struggle. Waiting for me was the most dramatic North Sea storm I've even experienced - absolutely impossible to stand up. But we had a great time - and here is the GPS track to their home and our group in Brugge:

The way to Brugge and our group

Here is a short photo essay of our time together - Brugge and Karolyn's birthday.

A cafe and a canal

Another canal and a church

A mime of type ?, and an orange cafe

An organ man and tower with roof?

The birthday

The participants: Karolyn - the birthday girl

and the supporting cast: Luc, Betty, Sofie, Kristof, Herwig, Mario

the dinner:

Mussels near Brussels: before

Lobster before and after

and a new adventure for Frank: testing advokaat ???

While all this was happening, there was a rather strong storm outside (wind velocity > 138 Km/hr)

During a fall storm - rather angry, blowing sand onto the road (right) and an interesting sunset over a foaming ocean (left).

The North Sea: during the storm (left) and the morning after (right)

Note the difference in the surface of the ocean - foam on the left (angry) and reflective on the right (happy)

Cleaning up the sand from the street

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