Building an Internet-Centric University in Mostar, Srbinje and Sarajevo

How I got there. First the flight from Charleston to Atlanta, then to Zurich and finally to Sarajevo The dashed lines represent the GPS tracks from the tail of the Delta Atlanta flight to Zurich Airport and then the CrossAir flight to Sarajevo and finally onward with Marijo by car.

Marijo (a medical student at the University of Mostar) quickly became a new friend as we drove from Sarajevo to Split with a short stop in Mostar for coffee that I learned to love from the Greek camping episodes with Adi and Laura.

Here are photos from my recent trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Work in Mostar, Serbinja, and Sarajevo where we explored internet infrastrucutre, problem-based learning, utilizing open-source resources to build an internet-centric university. The photos are in some cases not oriented correctly and there are no captions - this will happen over the next few days.

  • Oct 27: Starting an Internet-centric University: getting there

  • Oct 28: Traveling from Split to Dubrovnik

  • Oct 29: Recovering jet lag while wondering around Dubrovnik and rebuilding the ancient bridge in Mostar

    Driving with Vlado from Dubrovnik to Mostar

  • Oct 30: Starting work in Mostar: Revisiting sites from last year, then work with Mirjana, Marijo and Gorin at the library

  • Oct 31: More work with Mirjana, Marijo and Gorin at the library (we installed RedHat 7.2, connecting Mirjana with the MUSC library, Coffee with Dr. Dara Glazumino, a seminar and lunch the Prof Simunovic and Cula

    Following the seminar in Mostar and work with Mirjana and Marijo, we started our next adventure with a drive with Vlado from Mostar to Klinje to Srbinje to Sarajevo - Scenes from this region.

    Our path from Mostar to Klinje to Srbinje to Sarajevo - What a variety of landscapes!

  • Nov 1: Leaving Mostar and travel to Srbinje, lunch with Vladimir near the Montenegro border

  • Nov 2: A seminar and new friends at the Medical School in Srbinje

  • Nov 2: Travel to Sarajevo and a seminar at the University of Sarajevo

  • Nov 3: Recovery from 3 seminars - a visit to the Bazaar, sights around downtown Sarajevo and discovery on the Internet Cafe

  • Nov 3: Lunch with Vladimir's parents-in-law

  • Nov 4: Last day in Sarajevo - a quiet rest before the trip home

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