Patras Carnival (Patrino Karnavali) with Andreas, Georgia, Adi and Laura

After our Fulbright adventure (1997) Georgia and Andreas invited us to return for the famous Patras Karnavali - and of course Adi and Laura were part of this continuation. The Patrino Karnavali (Patras Carnival) is probably the 2nd or 3rd most famous Carinval in the world - behind Rio and New Orleans. For us, it was our first adventure with being real clowns - and here is our story.

We started our preparations in Charleston

and made our way to the main event in Patras Greece, Feb 19, 1999

Laura and Adi

Night life at the club and in the street

Day life in the street: Sunday

Below are Georgia (Sher), Andreas (Sunny), Family and Friends

Mama and Papa Spiros

Variants of Ellen and Frank

After : Adriana and Ellen and Frank

Copyright 1998 C. Frank Starmer