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Learning Adventures in Singapore


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Many folks have asked why I am telling the story of Building the Ravenel Bridge and Unbuilding the Grace and Pearman Bridges. I have a curiosity and passion for learning and how to convey to others the fun in learning. Learning is all about brain training and learning creates options for us. Options give us flexibility in the way we care for our families, friends and communities - often in ways that we could not anticipate.

Early learning centers were around story tellers and monastaries because that is where the experiences and books were. Over time, no university could survive without its own library of resources and if I wanted to learn something I had to travel to the local community or university library.

The Internet evaporates distance - so when I need to learn something, my travel is from wherever I am to the nearest web browser. My view is that the world is now the library, the Internet makes the world's learning opportunities available to all, and Google is the card catalog (even more).

Now that I am based in Singapore, there are many ways to direct my curiosity and many things to learn - cultural lessons, wildlife etc. I have focused here on insects - an extension of my US-based curiosity of spiders and their behavior. If you have suggestions, know of links or ideas that want a home within some of the story segments, send me your ideas email. Frank January 22, 2007.

September 14, 2013
Topic: Hokkien tomb turtleback
Bukit Brown Cemetery

May 11, 2013
Watching an Eriovixia laglaisei moult

March 09, 2013
Off on a bicycle - Adventures with Pagodas

March 08, 2013
Sunset from atop a Pagoda

March 08, 2013
Exploring the Bagan Market

March 07, 2013
Shwedagon Pagoda

March 07, 2013
Off to Yangon and Began

October 20, 2012
New insects near Queensway Secondary School

October 05, 2012
Topic: flower Asystasia gangaticum
In search of crab spiders and Asystasia gangaticum

July 12, 2012
Off to the US via SQ 22

June 16, 2012
Up at 2am to look at the stars and wait for sunrise

April 22, 2012
Topic: panning motion capture
Morning wakeup and panning experiments

March 16, 2012
Topic: Mascleta Fallas Festival Valencia
A fallas walkabout with Juanmi and Lucia

January 15, 2012
Topic: Sankranthi Pongal kite fight sand painting rangoli patang
Sunset and kites

January 14, 2012
Topic: Sankranthi Pongal kite fight patang sand painting rangoli
Its Pongul - and Kite Fighting

December 26, 2011
Sunset over the rice fields

December 26, 2011
Sunrise and Wakeup at Treak Village

December 25, 2011
Topic: Angkor Wat West Baray
Off to West Baray to watch the sunset

December 07, 2011
Topic: puriri moth
australia gps

October 03, 2011
Topic: tandoor roti
Sunrise and lunch at Papaji Ka Dhaba

September 19, 2011
Topic: mimicry
A cobra-like caterpillar

August 05, 2011
Visiting the VOCM Schools

August 04, 2011
A side trip to Melmalayanur and the Dark Moon Temple

March 20, 2011
Topic: Holi
Holi: Dhuli Vandana - Festival of Colors, and a surprise for me

January 22, 2011
Topic: best
Halo around the sun

August 04, 2010
Topic: Apple reverse engineering
About the problems of USB charging of Apple devices

August 01, 2010
Topic: cookies security tracker
About trackers and 3rd party cookies and Ghostery - a tool to detect cookies

May 16, 2010
Topic: people gecko
Characterizing low-season folks

April 17, 2010
Mating Damselflies and more

April 01, 2010
Topic: vortex nacelle strate condensation lift
From Singapore to Duke in about a day

January 22, 2010
Topic: vortex condensation
Off to Brunei for a night spider hunt cum photo shoot

August 30, 2009
Topic: ImageMagick convert animaged gif make mpg
Sunrise at Sembawang Park - organized by Colleen (of course)

July 19, 2009
Topic: glory atmospheric optics best
Off to the Computational Neurobiology Conference

July 04, 2009
Topic: coral clownfish anemone bleaching Polychaete marine worms
Reversal of coral bleaching at Mapur Island

June 06, 2009
Topic: diffraction
What a day - male Nephila, lizards, lynx and dragonflys

May 30, 2009
Topic: symbiotic goby prawn shrimp coral disease
Snorkelling along Mapur Island

April 15, 2009
Topic: gopher turtle burrowing owl
A visit to Dee's reclamation projects

March 28, 2009
Topic: kleptoparasite Argyrodes flavescens
More reflections on Argyrodes flavescens abdomen

September 27, 2008
Topic: giant clam, clown fish, anemone, sea urchin
Snorkeling off Mapur Island

July 12, 2008
Topic: kleptoparasite
Argyrodes flavescens and Nephila pilipes: parallel mating games

May 02, 2008
Topic: jellyfish toxin coral
Off to Bintan Agro Beach Resort and Mapur Island

February 25, 2008
Topic: Santiago Calatrava best
Santiago Calatrava and his City of Art and Science

February 22, 2008
Topic: Las Fallas Calatrava
Work at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

September 09, 2007
Topic: Cribellar capture threads
Miagrammopes, Nephila, Leucauge and a stink bug carrying an ant

May 27, 2007
Topic: About spider silk, tension control
A. flavescens and N. pilipes and video

May 24, 2007
Topic: About spider silk and recycling spider silk
Our Lady-in-black and her sister + video

May 12, 2007
Topic: Color polymorphisms Nephila Argyrodes
No Argiope but several graceful Nephila and numerous Argyrodes

May 05, 2007
Topic: Stabilimentum, kleptoparasites
Amazing day: Argiope, Nephila and Argyrodes

May 01, 2007
Topic: Palp, pedipalp, sensory organis, Argyrodes flavescens
Assassin bugs, Kleptoparasites, dragonflies and more

April 08, 2007
Topic: Spider silk, Liquid crystals, tensile strength best
Mom and Argyrodes flavescens - little orange kleptoparasites

February 19, 2007
Topic: Dental floss
Cleaning teeth with portable dental floss and insect hunting

February 17, 2007
Topic: Dragonflies, damselflies, praying mantis, kelong, Batam and Cable Stay Bridges
Visiting Lincoln's kelong for the Chinese New Year holiday

January 31, 2007
Topic: moths, butterflys
More practice with focus on small insects

January 21, 2007
Topic: Spider silk, cannabilism
Nephila maculata (Golden silk spider) plays the mating game

January 20, 2007
Topic: insects, camouflage
More colorful insects near Queenstown Library

December 23, 2006
Topic: Pulau Ubin, macrophotography
Practicing macrophotography at Pulau Ubin

December 09, 2006
Topic: Mangrove flowers, Ixora, black garden ants
Ants at MacRitchie Reservoir

October 28, 2006
Topic: Sugnei Buloh, Nephila maculata and links to macrophotogrphy how to sites
Nephila at Sugnei Buloh Wetlands Reserve

January 01, 2000
Something about how GPS works

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